About Us:

First and foremost: All our items are created and produced with the best of intentions and are not meant to offend anyone.

The Testicular Cancer Research Foundation (parent company of BallCancerSucks.com) was formed in 2011 by two friends that had always joked “there needs to be more ‘ball-cancer’ awareness”. After a certain Sunday in October, Greg, (one of the founders) had seen enough PINK items and made a sarcastic comment on Facebook. After realizing that Greg was completely correct, Jeremy (the other founder), decided that they should do something about it. Here is when BallCancerSucks.com began.

The main point of BallCancerSucks.com is to create awareness about Testicular Cancer, and to aid in research through donations to cancer research facilities earmarked specifically for Testicular Cancer research. Funny shirts are good, but they are meant to create an open light-hearted dialog allowing people who wouldn’t normally discuss Testicular Cancer the forum to do so.

Another goal of BallCancerSucks.com is to hold a “Dodge-Ball Cancer” Tournament annually or bi-annually, with ALL of the proceeds going to a family in the community directly affected by Testicular Cancer.  The objective is to allow the “Dodge-Ball Cancer” Tournament to spread throughout the nation with each tournament helping another family affected by Testicular Cancer in their community.

Through our partner site TesticularCancerResearchFoundation.org   you can find all of the statistics, stages, treatment options, and more information regarding this disease.

Who Do We Give the Money To and How Do We Select Them:
100% of proceeds are donated to facility(s) carefully scrutinized by the founders. The facility(s) donated to will be put in an annual report with amounts donated. The facility(s) will be selected based primarily on the amount of resources they currently dedicate to Testicular Cancer Research. Also, we will audit the selected facility(s) to ensure that the money we donate is only being used for Testicular Cancer Research. (No one specific cancer is more important than another, but our explicit goal, at BallCancerSucks.com, is to aid in Testicular Cancer Research)